what is Bag-in-Box?

Bag-in-Box is a brewers' delight and the consumers friend.

First used commercially in the 1950's (for battery acid of all things!), the bag-in-box system has come a long way.  Since Thomas Angove put his wine in polyethylene bladders, packaged in corrugated boxes (1960's), the way we view 'the rules' has changed - No longer is ale only available in casks and wine only available in bottles...

No longer is a beverage wasted within hours of opening, or wine ruined by a crumbling cork.

If you are a micro brewery or enjoy brewing your own beverages we have the right containers for you.

Our product range includes:

Beverage Bags
Printed and plain boxes
Stone Effect Cider Jug
Glass Bottles for Bottled Beers and Ciders (click any product to view the main website for our full range)
Bag-in-Box Accessories
Ever Open valve
Filling aid

GT Online offers affordable containers which can be purchased in small quantities for the amateur brewer trying their hand, or large quantities for commercial use

Bag-in-Box® offers a variety of high quality cardboard or corrugated boxes ranging from 5 to 20 litres.

The outer packaging ensures exceptional protection during transport and guarantees high quality printing; attracting customers and increasing sales.

Our boxes are very strong and are able to cope with the rigors of courier delivery and cellar storage.

They are shipped flat to maximise storage space and minimise transportation costs.

Bright lights can taint your product - Bag-in-box is ideal for beer and cider as the bag encloses and protects the product, keeping it fresh and thus enhancing the shelf life*.

*This is dependent upon keeping the beer at 'cellar' temperatures; if the temperature rises to 30°C then the beer will be ruined and there is a risk that the bag will burst.  Keeping the beer / cider cool reduces the amount of gas given off to a minimum and the bag continues to protect the contents - And every brewer knows, after all the effort, you need to protect your 'baby'..!

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